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Bifold doors with integrated blinds

Bifold Doors with Integral Blinds: Buyer’s Guide

Our guide to bifold doors with integral blinds (also known as integrated blinds or inbuilt blinds), how they work, costs, pros/cons in terms of appearance, security, and maintenance.

Extra wide large bifold doors

Large Bifold Doors: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about large bifold doors: common sizes and materials, benefits, design options, maintenance, costs, efficiency & more.

Bifold doors going around a corner in a living room

Guide to Corner Bifold Doors: Corner Post and Open Corner Doors

Our guide to corner bifold doors, including corner post folding doors and open/floating corner variants, how they work, structural requirements, advantages/disadvantages, and more.

Modern sliding patio doors

An Intro to Modern Sliding Doors – Homeowners’ Guide

Our guide to UK homeowners interested in buying some modern sliding doors (also known as patio doors) for their home.

Home with modern bifold doors

Modern Bifold Doors: How to Choose Bifolding Doors

Everything you need to know about modern bifold doors, including benefits, potential drawbacks, price, installation process, and maintenance tips.

Living room with ultra slim internal bifold doors

Internal Bifold Doors with Glass: Buyer’s Guide

Find out how internal bifold doors with glass can improve your home. Covering everything from design options to installation and maintenance tips.

Industrial anthracite grey external glass living room doors

Choosing the Perfect Glass Living Room Doors for Your Home

Find the perfect glass living room doors for your home. Whether you prefer French, sliding, or frameless designs, we guide you through the options.

Concertina doors

Everything You Need to Know About Concertina Doors

Considering concertina doors? Our guide explains different materials, installation methods, and maintenance routines to ensure your doors last.

Heritage Crittall style external aluminium sliding doors

Georgian Style Bifold Doors (Crittall Style Doors): Buyer’s Guide

Considering Crittall style doors? Our guide covers design features, installation tips, and practical benefits, helping you make an informed decision.

Sliding doors, an often cheaper bifold door alternative

Alternatives to Bifold Doors: Sliding, Pivot, Pocket & More

Some popular alternatives to bifold doors for the home, including sliding doors, pivot doors, pocket doors, slide and turn doors, and more.

Montage of aluminium slimline sliding door renders

A Comprehensive Guide to Aluminium Slimline Sliding Doors

Explore the beauty and functionality of aluminium slimline sliding doors
in our comprehensive guide. Discover their benefits, customisation options, installation
process, and maintenance tips to transform your space with modern elegance.

Low threshold sliding patio doors

Low Threshold Sliding Patio Doors Guide – Practical and Stylish

Low threshold sliding patio doors are a fantastic option that offer a sleek and modern look while providing easy access to your garden. In this guide, we look at the benefits of low threshold sliding patio doors, their materials, installation, and pros and cons. Plus, some practical tips and advice to help you make an informed decision when upgrading your home.

Patio doors that open all the way, fully open

Comparing Patio Doors That Open All the Way

Picture this: you’re stepping out into your garden, basking in the warm sunlight, without having to squeeze past a clunky door frame. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what patio doors that open all the way can do for your home. Whether you’re giving your home a makeover or starting from scratch, these doors bring both style and practicality to the table.

Bifold doors vs sliding doors

Bifold vs Sliding Doors: Which One’s Right for Your Home?

When it comes to sprucing up your home, doors play a big part – they’re not just there to look pretty, but they also have a real impact on how your space looks and feels. Two popular choices that always seem to be in the running are bifold doors vs sliding doors. But how do you know which one’s the best fit for you?

Night photo of large sliding glass patio doors

An Introduction to Large Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Large sliding glass patio doors are a stylish way to open your living space, bringing the outdoors in. These doors usually have big glass panels that slide sideways along tracks, making a wide opening to your garden or patio.

You can get them in various sizes and styles to suit any home or taste.

Bi folding summerhouse doors

Bifold Summerhouse Doors: Your Full Guide

Bifold doors work especially well for summerhouses. They help create a light and airy feel. Whether your summerhouse is an office, a place to relax, or somewhere to entertain, bifold doors can make the space much more pleasant to use.

Custom bifold doors, made-to-measure

Made to Measure Bifold Doors: Everything You Need to Know

Explore the benefits and options of made to measure bifold doors for your home or business. Learn about customisation, installation, and maintenance to find the perfect fit.

3 panel bifold patio doors

French Doors vs Patio Doors: Which is Right for Your Home?

Understanding the differences between French doors vs patio doors is essential for any home improvement project. This comprehensive guide explores the pros and cons of each, helping you decide which is better for your needs.

Anthracite grey bifold doors

Anthracite Grey Bifold Doors: Buyer’s Guide

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about anthracite grey bifold doors. From their aesthetic appeal and customisation options to installation tips and security features, find out why these doors are a popular choice for contemporary homes.

Bifold doors from above

How Much Do Bifolding Doors Cost? Bifold Doors Price Guide

Learn about the cost of bifolding doors, from material choices and customisation options to installation and maintenance expenses.

Bifold doors idea: loft conversion bedroom extension

Bifold Door Ideas: Kitchen, Conservatory, Home Office and More

Thinking of getting some bifolds? We’ve put together some bifold door ideas to inspire you. Whether you’re aiming to bring in more light, or create a modern look, we cover living rooms, kitchens, extensions, and more.

Black bifold patio doors, dining room extension

Black Bifold Doors: Colour Guide for Bi-Folds

Overview of the benefits and types of bifold doors, and use-cases, furniture tips, advantages and disadvantages of black bi-folding doors for kitchens, living rooms, garden rooms, bedrooms and more. A timeless, stylish and practical choice for modern homes.

Black slimline external bifold glass doors

External Bifold Doors: UK Buyer’s Guide for Exterior Bifolds

Our buyer’s guide containing everything you need to know about external bifold doors, including their types, benefits, materials, and key considerations for UK homeowners.

White bifold doors and windows set

White Bifold Doors: Buyer’s Guide

White bifold doors are a stylish and practical choice for modern homes. This comprehensive guide covers their benefits, customisation options, energy efficiency, and how to pair them with your furniture.

Montage of aluminium slimline sliding door renders

A Comprehensive Guide to Aluminium Slimline Sliding Doors

Explore the beauty and functionality of aluminium slimline sliding doors
in our comprehensive guide. Discover their benefits, customisation options, installation
process, and maintenance tips to transform your space with modern elegance.

Ultra slim slimline patio doors - UK installation

Maximising Aesthetics and Efficiency with Slimline Patio Doors

Unlock the secret to enhancing your home's beauty
and energy efficiency with our comprehensive guide to slimline patio
doors. Learn about the latest designs, benefits, and expert tips.

Bifold doors flush with floor by a pool

The Ultimate Guide to Bifold Doors Flush With Floor: Enhancing Modern Living Spaces

Unlock the full potential of your home with our expert guide on bifold doors flush with the floor. Learn about design considerations, installation tips, and how these doors offer a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, adding a modern touch to any living area.

Trendy frameless glass pivot patio doors with ultra slim frames looking out onto a patio

Ultimate Guide to Pivot Patio Doors – Transform Your Space

Discover the elegance and efficiency of pivot patio doors. This guide covers design, installation, and maintenance tips.

Ultra slim sliding doors installed by a pool in a contemporary home

The Future of Home Design: An In-depth Look at Ultra Slim Sliding Doors

Explore how ultra slim sliding doors are redefining modern home aesthetics, merging unparalleled elegance with functionality and natural illumination. Dive into our comprehensive 2024 guide for the latest insights.

Folding sliding glass doors by a patio. Brick home, UK

The Ultimate Guide to Folding Sliding Glass Doors: Enhancing Your Living Space

Discover the beauty and functionality of folding sliding glass doors for your home. Learn types, benefits, and installation tips.

Slimmest ultra slim bifold doors in a living room overlooking the sea, letting lots of natural light in

The Art of Minimalist Design: Choosing the Slimmest Bifold Doors for Your Home

Uncover the secrets to minimalist home design with our guide on choosing the slimmest bifold doors for your home. Enhance your space with style and simplicity in 2024.

Aluminium external tilt and slide patio doors installed in a home in the UK

Ultimate Guide to Tilt and Slide Patio Doors for Modern Homes

Discover how tilt and slide patio doors can transform your living space with style, efficiency, and seamless indoor-outdoor connectivity.

low profile bifold doors installation by a pool and sea

Innovative Design Meets Practicality: The Rise of Low Profile Bifold Doors

Discover how low profile bifold doors combine sleek design with practicality to transform modern living spaces.

slimline bifold doors doors installation by a pool at night

Discover the Advantages of Slimline Bifold Doors for Your Home

Explore the elegance and efficiency of Slimline Bifold Doors. Discover how they enhance indoor-outdoor living, offer unmatched views, and seamlessly integrate with any home design, providing a transformative experience for modern living spaces.

Frameless slide and turn patio doors

Slide and Turn Patio Doors vs. Bifold Doors: The Ultimate Guide for Homeowners

Explore the differences between slide and turn and bifold doors to find the best fit for your home’s design and functionality.

Minimal sliding doors by a patio. Brick home, UK

Minimal Sliding Doors for Infinite Views: Complete Guide

Dive into the world of minimal sliding doors. Explore the benefits, styles, and how they compare to traditional patio and bifold doors for a sleek, modern home aesthetic.

Thin frame sliding exterior glass panelled door installed in a UK home

Glass Panelled Doors – All You Need to Know

Discover how glass panelled doors, including bifold and sliding options, internal and external, can transform your home and garden.