What Are Made to Measure Bifold Doors?

Made to measure bifold doors, also known as custom bifold doors, are a bespoke solution designed to fit specific dimensions and meet your unique requirements.
Unlike standard bifold doors, which come in predetermined sizes, made to measure options are tailored to your exact specifications. This ensures a perfect fit, seamless operation, and a cohesive look that matches the rest of your home or office decor.

Bifold doors consist of multiple panels that fold back against each other, creating an opening that maximises the use of space. They are often used to connect indoor and outdoor areas, like living rooms to gardens or patios, but can also be used for internal partitions, closets, and more.

Custom bifold doors, made to measure
The minimum and maximum dimensions can vary widely by manufacturer and depending on the materials used.
Usually they are available for openings 1 metre to 8 metres wide and around 1.8 to 2.5 metres high. If you require something even larger, consider sliding doors instead.
Made to measure bifold patio doors set
Made to measure custom bifolding patio doors set

Differences Between Standard and Custom Bifold Doors

  1. Fit and Finish: Made to measure bifold doors are crafted to precise measurements, ensuring they fit perfectly within your space without gaps or misalignments. Standard bifold doors, on the other hand, may require adjustments or filler panels to fit properly.
  2. Customisation: With made to measure options, you can choose from a wide range of materials, finishes, colours, and configurations. This level of customisation allows you to match your doors to the exact style and aesthetic of your home. Standard bifold doors typically offer limited choices in comparison.
  3. Quality and Durability: Custom bifold doors are often made with higher-quality materials and superior craftsmanship, resulting in greater durability and longevity. Standard doors, especially those at the lower end of the market, may not offer the same level of quality.
  4. Cost: While made to measure bifold doors can be more expensive initially, they offer better value in the long run due to their superior fit, finish, and longevity. Standard doors may be cheaper upfront but could incur additional costs for adjustments and repairs.

Types of Made to Measure Bifold Doors

Internal Bifold Doors

Made to measure internal bifold doors are designed to provide flexibility and style within your home. These doors are perfect for creating partitions between rooms, such as separating a dining area from a living room, or for use as wardrobe doors. By opting for made to measure internal bifold doors, you can ensure they fit seamlessly into your space, no matter the dimensions.

Key benefits include:

  1. Space Saving: Internal bifold doors fold neatly to one side.
  2. Customisation: Choose from a variety of materials, finishes, and designs to complement your interior decor.
  3. Versatility: Ideal for both modern and traditional homes, these doors can be customised to match any style.

External Bifold Doors

Made to measure external bifold doors are often used to open up living rooms to gardens, patios, or balconies, providing an unobstructed view and easy access to the outdoors.

Advantages of external bifold doors include:

  1. Natural Light: Large glass panels allow plenty of natural light to flood into your home.
  2. Outdoor Access: Easily fold the doors back to create a wide opening, perfect for entertaining or enjoying the outdoors.
  3. Weather Resistance: Made to measure external bifold doors are built to withstand the elements, ensuring durability and longevity.

Aluminium Bifold Doors

Aluminium is a popular material for bifold doors due to its strength, durability, and sleek appearance. Made to measure aluminium bifold doors offer a modern aesthetic and can be customised to fit your specific requirements. Aluminium allows for ultra slim bifold doors, providing maximum glass area and unobstructed views.

When Are Made to Measure Bifold Doors Suitable?

Residential Applications

Made to measure bifold doors are highly suitable for various residential applications. One common use is in living areas, where these doors can effectively open up the space to a garden or patio. For homes with limited space, made to measure internal bifold doors are perfect for creating flexible room dividers. This allows for the creation of multifunctional spaces that can be easily adapted to different needs, such as combining a living room and dining area or creating a temporary home office.

Made to measure concertina bifolding doors and matching window

Commercial Applications

For commercial properties, made to measure bifold doors offer a stylish and functional solution. In offices, they can be used to create flexible meeting rooms or partition large open-plan spaces into smaller, more private areas. This flexibility is particularly useful in modern workspaces that need to adapt to changing needs and accommodate different types of work.

How to Measure for Custom Bifold Doors

Tools and Materials Needed

Before you begin measuring for your made to measure bifold doors, it’s essential to have the right tools and materials at hand. This ensures accuracy and helps you avoid common measuring mistakes. You will need:

  • A tape measure
  • A spirit level
  • A pencil and notepad
  • A step ladder (if measuring a tall space)
  • A second person to help (optional but useful)

Step-by-Step Measuring Guide

Accurate measurements are crucial for ensuring that your custom bifold doors fit perfectly. Follow these steps to measure your space correctly:

  • Measure the Width: Measure the width of the opening at three points: the top, middle, and bottom. Record the smallest measurement to ensure the doors fit the narrowest part of the opening.
  • Measure the Height: Measure the height of the opening at three points: the left, middle, and right. Again, use the smallest measurement to account for any unevenness in the floor or ceiling.
  • Check the Level: Use a spirit level to check that the floor and ceiling are level. If they are not, you may need to make adjustments or choose a door design that can accommodate slight variations.
  • Measure the Depth: If your doors will be recessed into the wall or need to fit within a specific depth, measure the depth of the opening as well.
  • Double-Check Measurements: Always double-check your measurements to ensure accuracy. It’s helpful to have another person verify the measurements to avoid any mistakes.

Common Measuring Mistakes to Avoid

  • Ignoring Uneven Floors or Ceilings: Failing to account for uneven surfaces can result in doors that do not close properly or look misaligned. Always check for level surfaces.
  • Not Measuring at Multiple Points: Measuring only at one point can give an inaccurate reading. Always measure at multiple points to get the smallest dimension.
  • Rounding Measurements: Do not round up or down your measurements. Provide exact measurements to the door manufacturer to ensure a precise fit.
  • Assuming Standard Sizes: Custom bifold doors are made to your specifications, so do not assume any standard sizes. Always measure your specific opening.
  • Overlooking Obstructions: Ensure there are no obstructions like light switches, sockets, or skirting boards that could affect the installation of the doors.
  • Confusing Units: Make sure to use the same units (m, cm, mm, or inches) for all measurements. Convert them at the end if necessary. There are 1000 mm or 100 cm in a metre.

Choosing the Right Materials for Your Bifold Doors


Wood is a classic and versatile material for bifold doors, offering a warm and natural aesthetic that can complement various interior styles. When selecting wood for your made to measure bifold doors, consider the type of wood and its finish. Hardwood options like oak and mahogany provide durability and a luxurious look, while softwoods like pine are more affordable and can be painted to match your decor. Proper treatment and sealing of wooden bifold doors are essential to protect them from moisture and ensure longevity, especially in areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Wooden bifold doors bring a timeless charm and can be tailored to suit both traditional and contemporary interiors. The natural grain and texture of wood add character, making each door unique. Additionally, wood offers excellent insulation properties, helping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.


Aluminium is an increasingly popular choice for bifold doors due to its strength, lightweight nature, and modern appearance. Made to measure aluminium bifold doors are highly durable and resistant to rust and corrosion, making them ideal for both internal and external applications. They can be powder-coated in a variety of colours to match your specific aesthetic requirements. Aluminium doors also support ultra slim profiles, allowing for larger glass panels and minimalistic designs

Design Options for Made to Measure Bifold Doors

Colours and Finishes

One of the most exciting aspects of choosing made to measure bifold doors is the ability to customise their appearance to match your personal style and home decor. With a wide array of colours and finishes available, you can create doors that either blend seamlessly with your existing interior or stand out as a statement piece. From classic white and black to bold hues like red or blue, the options are virtually limitless. Finishes range from matte and satin to glossy and metallic, allowing you to achieve the exact look you desire.

When selecting colours and finishes, consider the overall aesthetic of your home. For a contemporary look, ultra slim bifold doors in metallic finishes or sleek black can create a striking visual impact. Traditional homes might benefit from warmer tones like oak or mahogany, which add a touch of elegance and warmth.

Handle and Hardware Options

The hardware on your bifold doors can significantly influence both their appearance and functionality. Handles, hinges, and locks are available in various styles and finishes, from modern chrome and brushed nickel to more traditional brass and bronze. The choice of hardware should complement the door’s material and overall design.

Glass Panel Configurations

Made to measure bifold doors with glass panels offer a range of configuration options to suit your privacy and lighting needs. Full-length glass panels are ideal for maximising light and views, making them a popular choice for connecting living spaces to gardens or patios.

Frameless vs. Framed Designs

The choice between frameless and framed bifold doors depends largely on your style preferences and the intended use of the doors. Frameless bifold doors offer a sleek, minimalist look that is perfect for modern interiors. These doors often feature large glass panels with minimal visible hardware, creating an almost invisible barrier

Price Comparison: Made to Measure vs. Standard Bifold Doors

The cost of made to measure bifold doors can vary significantly based on several factors. One of the primary determinants is the material used. For instance, made to measure aluminium bifold doors tend to be more expensive than those made from uPVC or softwood due to their durability and sleek appearance. Similarly, incorporating high-quality glass panels, such as toughened or laminated glass, can also increase the price.

Comparison table of made to measure vs standard off-the-shelf bifold doors in the UK
Material Standard off-the-shelf:
typical price in £ per linear metre
typical price in £ per linear metre
uPVC Bifold Doors £500 – £1,000 per metre £700 – £1,200 per metre
Aluminium Bifold Doors £500 – £1,200 per metre £1000 – £1,500 per metre
Wood Bifold Doors £600 – £1,500 per metre £1000 – £2,000 per metre

Budgeting for Custom Bifold Doors

To budget effectively, start by obtaining quotes from several manufacturers or suppliers. Ensure that these quotes include all aspects of the project, such as the cost of materials, customisation options, installation fees, and any additional features like security locks or special glazing. Comparing these quotes will give you a clearer picture of the overall investment required.

Long-term Value and Investment

While the initial cost of made to measure bifold doors may be higher, the long-term benefits often outweigh the upfront expense. Their tailored design, superior materials, and higher performance make them a valuable addition to any home or commercial property.

Frequently Asked Questions about Made to Measure Bifold Doors

What customisation options are available for made to measure bifold doors?

Made to measure bifold doors offer extensive customisation options to fit your specific needs and preferences. You can choose from a variety of materials, including wood, aluminium, and composite. Additionally, you can select different finishes and colours to match your home’s decor. Glass panels can be clear, frosted, or decorative, and you can also opt for various handle and hardware styles to complement the overall design.

Can I customise the number of panels in my bifold doors?

Yes, the number of panels in your bifold doors can be customised based on the size of the opening and your functional requirements. Whether you need two panels for a smaller space or multiple panels for a larger opening, made to measure bifold doors can be tailored to your specifications.

How do I order made to measure bifold doors?

To order made to measure bifold doors, you typically start by measuring the space where the doors will be installed. You can then consult with a manufacturer or supplier to discuss your specific requirements, including materials, finishes, and any additional customisation options. Once you’ve made your selections, the manufacturer will provide a quote and begin crafting your bespoke doors.

What is the typical lead time for made to measure bifold doors?

The lead time for made to measure bifold doors can vary depending on the complexity of the customisation and the manufacturer’s schedule. Generally, you can expect a lead time of 3 to 12 weeks from the time you place your order until the doors are ready for installation. It’s important to discuss timelines with your supplier to ensure they meet your project deadlines.

Do made to measure bifold doors come with a warranty?

Yes, most made to measure bifold doors come with a warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. The length and terms of the warranty can vary by manufacturer, so it’s essential to review the warranty details before making a purchase. Typically, warranties can range from 5 to 20 years, depending on the quality and type of materials used.

What should I do if there is a problem with my bifold doors after installation?

If you encounter any issues with your bifold doors after installation, the first step is to contact the manufacturer or supplier. They can provide guidance on troubleshooting and, if necessary, arrange for repairs or replacements covered under the warranty. It’s crucial to keep all documentation related to your purchase and installation to streamline the warranty claim process.

Can I install made to measure bifold doors myself?

While it is possible to install made to measure bifold doors yourself if you have the necessary skills and tools, professional installation is recommended for the best results. Professional installers have the expertise to ensure the doors are fitted correctly and operate smoothly, which is essential for both the functionality and longevity of the doors.

What maintenance is required for bi-folding doors?

Regular maintenance of bifold doors includes cleaning the frames and glass panels, lubricating the hinges and tracks, and inspecting the weather stripping for wear. Addressing any issues promptly and following the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines will help keep your doors in optimal condition.

Are custom made bifold doors energy efficient?

Yes, made to measure bifold doors can be highly energy efficient, especially when crafted from materials with good thermal properties and fitted with quality weather stripping. Choosing double or triple-glazed glass panels can further enhance energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer and improving insulation.

What security features are available for made to measure bifold doors?

Made to measure bifold doors can be equipped with various security features, including multi-point locking systems, robust hinges, and toughened or laminated glass. These features enhance the security of your home or business, providing peace of mind that your property is well-protected.

Considering Made to Measure Bifold Doors?

Whether you need doors for a large opening to your garden or a compact partition for an internal room, custom bifold doors can be designed to meet your specific needs.

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