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Slimmest Bifold Patio Doors in UK. 35mm Sightline. Fully installed in 4 weeks.

With 5,000 installations, our UltraSlim Bifold Patio Doors have proved a winner.

Ultra Slim Patio Doors from the inside

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Ultra Slim Bifold Patio Doors

We are a family run business and have been trading for over 25 years. We design, manufacture and install our range of glass doors nationwide. The revolutionary ‘Ultra Slim Bifold Patio Door’ is our most popular product, offering the thinnest frames in their class of any fully retractable patio door system in the UK, with a total sightline of just 35mm.

Vision Glass Doors’ UltraSlim sliding doors are different. Why? Because they look like bi-folding doors when they are open and when they are closed but they do not slide and fold. Instead, there is a main door that opens normally and each of the other doors will slide along the guides and pivot open, stacking at the side.

Additionally, unlike bi folding doors, you can slide each door along the guide and just leave it wherever you want to, leaving gaps between the doors to allow air flow through – see examples in our photo gallery.

Our Ultra Slim Bifold Patio Doors are the first in their class as fully retractable patio doors with 19mm powder coated aluminium side frames and, therefore, more glass for viewing when doors are fully closed. Our bi folding sliding glass doors stack neatly to the side of the opening, making more space available to walk through your home and into the garden.

As an alternative to our Slide and Turn system we also offer Slimline Sliding Patio Doors.

slim bi folding glass patio doors, slimmest in UK
slimline bifold glass patio doors
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Ultra Slim Patio Door Features:

  • Made to measure to your exact requirements
  • 19mm sightline (door frame width) per panel
  • Space saving: Openings up to 10 metre width, all doors stack to side of opening
  • Energy efficient: UltraSlim ‘thermally-broken’ aluminium frames
  • Energy efficient: British Standard ‘kitemarked’ K-glass included as standard
  • Site visit and installation included in price quoted
  • Installation lead time typically less than 4 weeks
  • Starting from £1,995 – £5,995

Ultra Slim Bifold Patio Door Options: standard frame colours are anthracite grey or white. Optional extras include other frame colours (up to 300 to choose from), special glass and integral blinds (fitted within the double-glazed units).

See our comprehensive guide page for further product  information.

Quick Quote Request Form: for a comparative quotation of all our doors. If you’re still undecided, contact our technical sales team with your questions, on 01582 492 730.

Benefits of Ultra Slim Bifold Patio Doors over Traditional Outside Sliding Doors

The Ultra Slim Patio Door offers the thinnest frames on the market. Utilising our unique weather protection system it is suitable for any weather. Fully retractable with an access door as standard.

Our prices are inclusive of site survey and typical lead time to installation is 4 weeks.

ultra slim low profile bifold patio doors installation by a pool
Ultra slim bifold patio doors - UK installation

Our Ultra Slim Patio Doors are fully retractable and offer unrivalled clear glass views.

They can be used for commercial or residential projects.

A great alternative to bulky framed bifolding patio doors. 

This revolutionary patio door system can be used for practically any purpose, including as internal bifold doors.

Are Ultra Slim Bifold Doors suitable for you?

Ultra Slim Bifolding Patio Doors can be used as a modern alternative to traditional bifold doors for a patio. They can be used for room dividers, balconies, swimming pool enclosures, garden offices, outbuildings, verandas and even shop fronts.

Our ultra slim bifolding door surpasses all UK building regulations and offers unbeatable U value ratings due to the amount of glass used. Glass is more thermally efficient than aluminium, so the smaller the frames, the more money you save on heating! As standard our slim framed bi-folding door uses ‘K’ toughened double glazed glass. But we offer many many variations to this such as integral blinds or triple glazing. Our Bi Folding Sliding Glass Doors are the next generation of outside sliding doors. Traditional Bifold Doors for Patios have now been replaced by our revolutionary Ultra Slim – Slide and Turn system.

Why would you choose a traditional bifolding or sliding patio door when you could have slimmer frames which offer unbeatable clear glass views? If price is an issue, think twice, as our door systems use much less mechanical materials, therefore the cost of manufacturing is also cheaper. A modern alternative to the limited functionality of outside sliding doors.

Ultra Slim Bifolding Doors FAQ

What are Ultra Slim Bifold Patio Doors?

Our Ultra Slim Bifold Patio Doors are a modern sliding bifold doors system designed to provide durability, ease of use, and slim frames. Unlike traditional bi folding patio doors, they feature ultra thin aluminium frames and a unique slide and pivot mechanism, allowing each panel to move independently along guide rails and stack neatly to the side.

How do Ultra Slim Bifold Patio Doors differ from traditional bifold doors?

Unlike traditional concertina patio doors, which fold back on themselves, Ultra Slim are “slide and fold doors”. This means each door panel slides along a track and pivots to stack at the side, providing a wider and more flexible opening. The slim frames also offer a more streamlined appearance and larger glass panels for better views.

What materials are used in the construction of your patio bifold doors?

Our Ultra Slim bifolding patio doors are crafted from high-quality aluminium, known for its strength and durability. The frames are powder-coated to ensure a long-lasting, maintenance-free finish. The glass options include various types such as laminated, argon-filled, antisun, obscured, and tinted, allowing for both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.

Can Ultra Slim Bifold Patio Doors be customised to fit my home’s specific dimensions?

Yes, all of our sliding bifold doors are made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit for your home. We offer customisation in terms of frame colours, glass types, and integral blinds to match your exact specifications and preferences.

What colours are available for the door frames?

Our standard frame colours are anthracite grey (RAL 7016) and pure white (RAL 9010). However, we offer a custom powder-coating service with up to 300 RAL colours available, allowing you to choose the perfect shade to complement your home’s décor.

What types of glass options are available for these doors?

We provide several glass options to suit different needs. Laminated glass offers added security, while argon-filled glass improves insulation and thermal performance. Antisun glass reduces glare, obscured glass ensures privacy, and tinted glass adds a stylish, modern touch.

Are your slimline bifold doors energy efficient?

Yes, Ultra Slim Bifold Patio Doors are designed with energy efficiency in mind. The aluminium frames are thermally broken to reduce heat transfer, and the doors come with double-glazed British Standard Kitemark K-glass as standard. These features help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and reduce energy costs.

How long does the installation process take from start to finish?

The installation process for Ultra Slim Bifold Patio Doors typically takes less than 4 weeks from the initial site visit to the final fitting. This includes a thorough site survey to ensure precise measurements and a smooth installation, minimising disruption to your home.

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