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Frameless Glass Doors. No more bulky frames.

What are Frameless Glass Bifolding Doors?

Frameless glass doors are an innovative and unique door system which are both fully retractable and completely frameless. Available for all external and internal applications, they are 100% weather proof and meet all UK building regulations. Custom built to fit any size opening, we design, manufacture, supply and install our innovative door systems nationwide. Also known as frameless glass curtains, this new type of door system is a revolutionary advance in both technology and usability for residential and commercial purposes.

Ultra Slim Patio Doors from the inside

Perfect for any home. Our frameless glass bifolding doors offer unrivalled clear glass views compared to bulky bifold doors.

Fully installed within 4 weeks.

Fully retractable and surpassing all UK building regulations.

4 stars, 66 reviews on Trustpilot

Benefits of Frameless Bifold Doors

Frameless glass doors slide-and-fold to open up your home. When closed they offer unrivalled clear glass views.

Our glass bifolding doors also offer extremely high energy efficiency and U-value ratings. 

Photo of external frameless glass bifold doors, next to a garden in the UK
external frameless glass bifold doors by a patio of a home in the uk

Glass Bifolding Door Options

Frameless bifold doors are available single or double glazed. Suitable for any internal or external purpose.

Our folding glass doors can be used for commercial or residential projects.

A great alternative to bulky framed patio doors.

Starting from £1,995 to £5,995.

Glass Bifold Doors options:

Double Glazed Frameless Glass Doors

Our double glazed frameless glass door can be used for any internal or external application. Our folding glass doors are fully retractable like many patio doors, but with the added benefit of having no frames. Fully weather resistant, using our unique weather protection and compression locking system, you can rest assured that no matter how severe the weather, your home will stay warm and dry. Meeting all UK building regulations, this sliding glass door will give truly uninterrupted views of your garden, without the need for bulky and intrusive sightline frames.

Our double glazed glass curtains come with a fully secure access door, a 3 point locking system. They operate in a similar way to traditional patio door systems.

Why pick a traditional folding sliding or glass bi folding door when you can have a frameless glass bifold door?

Safety is also never an issue with our sliding glass patio doors because every double glazed door comes with a 3 point Schlegal compression locking system as used on most patio door systems.

Single Glazed Frameless Glass Doors

Our single glazed frameless glass door is commonly used as a room divider or glass partition. They are also suitable for balconies or terraces, and can be used as corner bifold doors. The single glazed glass concertina door is manufactured with 10mm ‘K’ toughened glass panels, which give a sleek and modern feel to any home.

All single glazed frameless bifold doors come as standard with an access panel for ease of everyday use. Whether it be for entering the conservatory, living room, or kitchen. Our folding glass door is fully retractable within seconds, to give you the option whether you want a room partitioned or separated off.

One of the many benefits of using our single glazed glass curtains is heat retention. Lets imagine you have a large conservatory which means that a lot of heat is lost in the winter. By installing a single glazed bifold door in between your kitchen and conservatory, you can have the bets of both worlds!


See our comprehensive guide page for further product  information.

Frameless glass doors

Frameless Glass Doors

Fully retractable and truly frameless. Available in two variants, both single and double glazed. Both options utilise our slide and stack system.

Ultra slim patio doors

Ultra Slim - Slide & Turn Doors

Our revolutionary door system. Extremely slim frames but the same functionality. A great alternative to bulky framed bifolding doors.

Slimline sliding patio doors

Slimline Sliding Patio Doors

Our latest door system - Slimline Sliding Patio Doors offer an unrivalled sightline of just 20mm. Suitable for larger openings.