Bifold Summerhouse Doors: Your Full Guide

What Are Bifold Summerhouse Doors?

Bifold summerhouse doors combine style and practicality for any garden building. Unlike normal doors, bifold doors have multiple panels that fold back, creating a wide opening between inside and outside. This design gives you the most from the opening, for unobstructed views and easy access.

Bifold doors work especially well for summerhouses. They help create a light and airy feel. Whether your summerhouse is an office, a place to relax, or somewhere to entertain, bifold doors can make the space much more pleasant to use. Opening the doors all the way lets you enjoy fresh air and garden views from your summer house.

Bifold glass summer house doors, open

Why Install Bifold Doors in Your Summerhouse?

There are lots of good reasons to put bifold doors in your summerhouse:

More Natural Light

Bifold doors with big glass panels let in loads of natural light, making your summerhouse feel bright and welcoming. This is great if you use it as a workspace or somewhere to unwind.

Easier Access

The wide opening from bifold doors makes it simple to move between your summerhouse and garden – perfect for parties where guests are coming in and out.

Flexible Design

Bifold doors come in different materials and styles to suit your summerhouse and garden, from modern aluminium to classic wood.

Better Property Value

Adding bifold doors to your summerhouse can make your whole property more appealing and valuable.

Picking the Right Bifold Doors

Materials: Wood or Aluminium?

One of the first things to decide is what material to choose for your bifold summerhouse doors. The two most popular options are wood and aluminium, and each has its pros:

Wooden Bifold Doors

  • Natural, classic look that adds charm
  • Blends in with the garden
  • Good insulation to keep summerhouse warm in winter, cool in summer
  • Can be painted or stained to match your style

Aluminium Bifold Doors

  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Resists warping, corrosion and rust
  • Needs little maintenance, just simple cleaning
  • Slim frames for more glass and natural light
  • Modern look in various finishes

Glass Bifold Doors for Natural Light

A major benefit of bifold doors is how much natural light they let in. Glass bifold doors do this especially well, making your summerhouse feel bright and airy. Some reasons to consider them:

  • Better Views: Big glass panels give unrestricted views of your garden to enjoy from inside.
  • More Daylight: Making the most of natural light means you can use less electric lighting in the day, so your summerhouse is more energy efficient.
  • Indoor-Outdoor Feel: Glass bifold doors create a seamless link between inside and out, making your summerhouse feel like part of the garden.

When choosing glass bifold doors, think about options like double glazing for better insulation and toughened glass for added safety.

Bifold summerhouse doors at night

Bifold summerhouse doors

Energy Efficiency and Insulation

Energy efficiency is important when picking bifold doors for your summerhouse. Good insulation helps keep a steady temperature all year. Some key things to consider:

  • Double Glazing: Go for double-glazed bifold doors for better heat insulation. This keeps your summerhouse warmer in winter and cooler in summer, and cuts energy costs.
  • Thermal Breaks: Aluminium bifold doors often have thermal breaks – insulated bits in the frame that stop heat transfer. This makes them more energy efficient.
  • Weather Seals: Make sure your bifold doors have good quality weather seals to stop drafts and damp getting in. This improves insulation and also protects your summerhouse from the weather.

Design Ideas for Summerhouses with Bifold Doors

Modern and Minimal

If you like a slick, contemporary look, a modern minimal style could be perfect for your summerhouse with bifold doors:

Clean Lines

Choose bifold doors with slim aluminium frames for a streamlined look. The minimal design focuses on simplicity and function.

Neutral Colours

Use whites, greys, or blacks for the summerhouse and bifold doors to create a cohesive, sophisticated look.

Open Plan

Use an open-plan layout in your summerhouse to make it feel more spacious. Bifold doors can help blur the boundaries between indoors and out.

Minimal Decor

Keep interior decoration simple. Pick a few stand-out pieces of furniture and decor to keep the space uncluttered.

Rustic and Traditional

For a cosier, more classic feel, you can achieve a rustic traditional look with wooden bifold doors:

Natural Materials

Wooden bifold doors complement the rustic style and add warmth and character.

Earthy Colours

Go for earthy browns, greens and beiges that blend with the natural surroundings of your garden.

Vintage Decor

Use vintage or antique-style furniture and accessories like a wooden table, wicker chairs, and old-fashioned lanterns to enhance the traditional vibe.

Textured Finishes

Add depth with textured finishes like exposed wooden beams, stone walls, or brick floors.

Customising Your Bifold Doors

Customising lets you tailor your bifold doors to your specific needs and style. Some ideas:

Colour Options

Whether you choose aluminium or wood, bifold doors come in a range of colours. Consider powder-coated aluminium for a durable, vibrant finish, or stain and paint options for wood.

Glass Types

You can pick different glass for your bifold doors, like frosted or tinted for more privacy, or decorative glass for a unique touch.

Handles and Hardware

There are various handle styles and finishes to complement your summerhouse design, from brass to chrome to matte black.

Blinds and Shades

You can build blinds or shades into the glass panels of your bifold doors. This adds function by letting you control light and privacy while keeping a clean look.

Bifold summerhouse doors, modern style summer house

Inspiration and Examples

Here are a few ideas to show how bifold doors can enhance your summerhouse design:

Garden Office Bifold Doors

Turn part of your garden into a productive workspace with bifold doors in your garden office. You get plenty of natural light and can enjoy your garden views while you work.

Family Summerhouse with Bi Folding Doors

Make a family-friendly space with large bifold doors opening onto a deck or patio. Perfect for barbecues, picnics and outdoor play.

Shed Bifold Doors

Even small structures like sheds can benefit from bifold doors. Turn yours into a stylish, multi-purpose retreat for hobbies or relaxing.

Practical Uses for Summerhouses with Bifold Doors

A Relaxing Garden Retreat

A summerhouse with bifold doors can be the ultimate garden getaway – a peaceful haven to unwind and connect with nature:

Comfortable Seating

Add cosy chairs, a daybed, or a hammock with plenty of soft cushions and throws to make it inviting.

Decorative Touches

Personal touches like potted plants, fairy lights and lanterns create a warm, welcoming feel.

Reading Nook

Make a corner of your summerhouse into a reading nook with a comfy armchair, small bookshelf and reading lamp – the perfect spot to enjoy your favourite books.

Natural Views

Position your summerhouse to make the most of garden views. Open the bi-folding doors wide on sunny days to let the outside in.

Hosting and Entertaining

A summerhouse with bifold doors is perfect for hosting get-togethers and entertaining guests during the summer months.

Flexible Seating

Use modular or foldable furniture to fit different group sizes. Outdoor furniture can easily be moved in or out as needed.

Outdoor Kitchen

Set up an outdoor kitchen or barbecue area next to your summerhouse. Bifold doors make it easy to move between the cooking and dining spaces.

Entertainment Systems

Install a sound system or projector for movie nights. The wide opening of bifold doors can create an indoor-outdoor cinema experience.

Decorative Accents

Add to the atmosphere with string lights, candles and lanterns for a festive, inviting feel.

A Functional Home Office

Working from home is popular, and a summerhouse makes an ideal workspace without distractions. Some ideas for an efficient garden office with bifold doors:

Ergonomic Furniture

Invest in a good desk and ergonomic chair for comfort and productivity. Comfortable office furniture is available in a variety of styles, so you can match your summerhouse’s theme.

Tech Essentials

Equip the garden office with everything you need. Consider a fan for warm days.

Organisational Tools

Keep your workspace tidy with shelves, filing cabinets and desk organisers.

Bifold Doors

Bi-folding doors let you enjoy natural light and fresh air for a pleasant work environment. They also provide a beautiful backdrop for video calls, giving a professional touch.

Installing and Maintaining Bifold Summerhouse Doors

Professional or DIY Installation?

When it comes to fitting summerhouse bifold doors, you can either hire a professional or do it yourself. Each approach has its own pros and cons.

Professional Installation

  • Expertise and experience for correct, secure fitting
  • Saves time and effort, often done in a day or two
  • Warranties on the work for peace of mind
  • Bespoke solutions and customisation

DIY Installation

  • Saves on labour costs if you have the skills and tools
  • Personal satisfaction of doing it yourself
  • Work at your own pace without coordinating with contractors
Before deciding to DIY, consider the complexity of the job and your own skills. Bifold doors need precise measurements and alignment, so make sure you have the right tools and know-how.

Maintenance Tips

To keep your bifold summerhouse doors looking and working their best, regular maintenance is key:


Regularly clean the glass and frames with mild detergent and water. Avoid harsh cleaners that could scratch.


Periodically lubricate the hinges, tracks and locks with silicone-based lubricant for smooth operation.


Check the weather seals and gaskets for wear and tear. Replace any damaged seals to maintain energy efficiency and stop drafts.


Over time, bifold doors may need adjusting to stay aligned. Check alignment and make minor adjustments so the doors open and close smoothly.


In harsh weather, use protective covers or treatments to shield your external bifold doors, especially wooden ones, from the elements.

Common Issues with Bifold Summerhouse Doors

Even with regular maintenance, you might come across some common problems with bifolding doors:

Sticking or Jamming

If doors stick or jam, check for debris in the tracks. Clean the tracks well and lubricate for smooth movement.


If doors are misaligned, causing gaps or difficulty closing, adjust the hinges or tracks carefully to realign the panels.

Locking Issues

If the lock isn’t working right, check for damage or wear. Lubricating might fix it – if not, consider replacing the lock.


Condensation on the glass can mean poor insulation. Check the weather seals are intact and consider upgrading to double glazing if condensation persists.

Dealing with these issues quickly and maintaining your bifold doors well will keep them in great condition, looking good and working well for years to come.

FAQs About Bifold Summerhouse Doors

How much do bifold summerhouse doors cost?

The price of bifold summerhouse doors varies a lot depending on materials, size, and customisation:

Materials: Aluminium bifold doors usually cost more than wooden ones as they’re durable and low maintenance. High-quality timber bifold doors can also be pricey, especially with custom finishes.

Size: Bigger doors with more panels naturally cost more than smaller, simpler setups. Price increases with the number of glass panels and overall width.

Customisation: Extras like double glazing, integrated blinds or special glass (e.g. tinted or frosted) add to the cost. Custom colours and finishes also bump up the price.

Installation: Professional fitting adds to the cost but ensures a proper finish, which is crucial for long-term performance and looks.

On average, expect to pay anywhere from £1,500 to £5,000 plus for a high-quality set of bifolding doors, including installation.

Are bifold doors secure?

Security is a common worry with bifold doors for summerhouses. Modern bifold doors have several features to boost security:

Multi-Point Locks: Most bifold doors have multi-point locking systems that secure the door at various points along the frame, making it hard for intruders to force open.

Robust Materials: Aluminium and reinforced wooden frames offer strong protection against break-ins. These materials aren’t easily damaged or tampered with.

Toughened Glass: Bifold doors usually have toughened or laminated glass, much harder to break than normal glass, adding an extra security layer.

Security Laminates: Some bifold doors have extra security laminates on the glass to further prevent breakage for peace of mind.

Can bifold doors be used year-round?

Bifold doors are designed to be versatile and functional all year, but their effectiveness depends on several factors:

Insulation: Doors with double or triple glazing provide great thermal insulation, helping keep your summer house warm in winter and cool in summer. Look for doors with thermal breaks to boost insulation.

Weather Seals: High-quality weather seals prevent drafts and damp, ensuring your summerhouse stays comfortable whatever the weather.

Heating and Cooling: To maximise year-round use, consider extra heating for winter and ventilation or shading for hot summer days.

What are the best practices for maintaining bifold summerhouse doors?

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your bifold summerhouse doors in top condition:

Clean Often: Wipe down frames and glass with mild detergent and water. Avoid harsh cleaners that could scratch.

Lubricate Moving Parts: Periodically apply silicone-based lubricant to hinges, locks and tracks for smooth operation.

Check Weather Seals: Look for signs of wear or damage on seals and gaskets. Replace as needed to maintain energy efficiency and stop drafts.

Adjust When Needed: If you notice misalignment or stiff opening and closing, adjust the hinges and tracks. Most bifold door systems allow for minor adjustments to ensure proper alignment.

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