Single Glazed Frameless Glass Doors.
No more bulky frames.

Single Glazed Frameless Glass doors

Frameless glass doors are an innovative and unique door system which are both fully retractable and completely frameless. Available for all external and internal applications, it is 100% weather proof and meets all UK building regulations. Also custom built to fit any size opening – We design, manufacturer, supply and install nationwide our innovative door systems. Also known as frameless glass curtains this new type of door system is a revolutionary advance in both technology and usability for both residential and commercial purposes.

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Perfect for any home. Our frameless glass bifolding doors offer unrivalled clear glass views compared to bulky bifold doors.

Fully installed within 4 weeks.

Fully retractable and surpassing all UK building regulations.

What is the single glazed frameless glass door?

The single glazed frameless glass door, often referred to as a glass pivot door or glass curtain, is one of our leading products. This innovative new door system gives completely clear views, as it does not rely on any frames which makes it completely unique and unlike any door on the market. Our frameless door is also fully retractable, so you can choose whether you want an area closed off, or completely open, as if the door did not exist. All of our glass interior doors are completely custom built to meet the exact measurements of your opening. We then offer site surveys nationwide to ensure measurements are carried out thoroughly.

Every system comes with an access door as standard, so there is no need to open the entire door system for everyday tasks, such as entering or exiting the garden. Each glass panel is kept in place along the upper and lower rail system. The single glazed frameless glass door can be used for virtually any internal application, such as a room dividers or glass office partition. Interior glass doors have been increasing in popularity over recent years due to advances in technology, which now allows the home user to choose whether they want a part of their home fully closed off or partitioned so it keeps the heat in. The unique glass pivot door system means that each panel is entirely unconnected to the next, which means they can easily slide along the rail system and fold to one side. Glass interior doors have endless commercial and home uses, this is why it is one of our leading products.

Designed and developed in 2009, we are the leading manufacturer of this door system in the UK. We offer a complete service nationwide, from site survey, through to made to measure design and installation. All our door systems surpass UK building regulations for any domestic or commercial application.

Frameless glass doors

Frameless Glass Doors

Fully retractable and truly frameless. Available in two variants, both single and double glazed. Both options utilise our slide and stack system.

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Our revolutionary new door system. Extremely slim frames but the same functionality. Perfect for any home. A great alternative to bulky framed bifolding doors.

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