Frameless Glass Doors How They Work

What are Frameless Glass Doors?

Frameless glass doors are an innovative and unique door system which are both fully retractable and completely frameless. Available for all external and internal applications, it is 100% weather proof and meets all UK building regulations. Also custom built to fit any size opening – We design, manufacturer, supply and install nationwide our innovative door systems. Also known as frameless glass curtains this new type of door system is a revolutionary advance in both technology and usability for both residential and commercial purposes.

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Perfect for any home. Our frameless glass bifolding doors offer unrivalled clear glass views compared to bulky bifold doors.

Fully installed within 4 weeks.

Fully retractable and surpassing all UK building regulations.

How Do Frameless Glass Doors Work?

Being a completely unique frameless door system, we have listed below a brief operation manual to help you better understand how to operate our doors in your home. The beauty of the frameless glass door is that it is completely retractable, but also that it is extremely easy to use. Please see below for a step by step process of how to completely open the folding sliding door system:
  • Unlock the primary access door using your key
  • Twist the handle and turn 90 degrees to the opening position
  • Pull the access door using the handle, which will then lock the opening door into the open position (90 degree right angle to user)
  • Slide the next glass panel along to where the access door was positioned
  • Pull and swing open this panel
  • Stack alongside the primary access door
  • Perform the same task with every other glass panel
  • All panels will now be stacked to one side of the door system

High Energy Efficiency

Our unique frameless door has been designed to ensure the highest possible energy efficiency ratings are achieved. The maths are simple: Glass is a much better insulator of heat compared with aluminium, therefore the more aluminium and less glass on a door the more thermally efficient it will become. Therefore we are proud to announce that our glass sliding doors are now more thermally efficient than most traditional aluminium bifolds. The actual U value is 1.6 watts per square metre.

Frameless glass doors

Frameless Glass Doors

Fully retractable and truly frameless. Available in two variants, both single and double glazed. Both options utilise our slide and stack system.

Ultra slim patio doors

Ultra Slim Patio Doors

Our revolutionary new door system. Extremely slim frames but the same functionality. Perfect for any home. A great alternative to bulky framed bifolding doors.

Aluminium bifold doors

Aluminium Bifold Doors

Our most affordable door system – the Aluminium Bifolding door. It utilises a bi-folding open-and-close mechanism with a single door opener.